GUSSI clothing line enables us to help deliver humanitarian aid to where it is most needed


Our team and us are working together with WeHelpUkrainians Organisation to deliver crucial humanitarian aid directly to victims of the war in Ukraine. Unlike large unwieldy charities with huge overheads, the team of volunteers delivers aid in just 3 days from the moment it receives an urgent request. Since the start of the war, We Help Ukrainians sent over 700 tons of aid or to areas most in need. Every box of aid right into the hands of those requesting it. All profits from this unique collection will be donated to We Help Ukrainians Organisation



Key issues for these millions of Ukrainians caught in the middle of the armed conflict include lack of adequate food and sanitation, exposure to injury and extremely cold temperatures, disconnection from medical services, lack of access to medications, as well as high levels of stress, anxiety, and mental traum.

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