Гусі (pronounced as GUSSI) 

Is geese in Ukrainian. 

Following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, a remarkable and peculiar transformation in the behavior of Geese has been observed. They have been observed to attack Russian soldiers, swooping down upon their vehicles and tanks, earning them the catchphrase 'Mess with the honk, you get the bonk'.

These Geese have become not only protectors of our people and our land, but also the guardians of our future and culture, which cannot be erased from the world, neither now nor ever. Since our childhood, we have cherished our love for Geese, as our grandmothers would embroider images of these creatures - the beloved protectors of our gardens - onto napkins and scarves.

We have partnered with @flyp.space to release our first line of Gussi clothing, with all proceeds going towards supporting Ukraine through trusted charities. Our first Gussi Pop-Up event was held at the W1 Curates Studios opening, an establishment known for their 'Arts not Ads' approach, which was recently showcased through a powerful light display at Flannels Flagship store on Oxford Street.

We extend special gratitude to Ocean Bottle for collaborating with us to create a limited edition Gussi bottle.

Thank you for being with us, and for your continuous support.  

Support Ukraine.

Let’s GUSSI.